Oh, how I love Christmastime!!

It's here! Christmas season. There is so much to love about it!! We {finally} got our tree yesterday and glamorized it. I love that smell. Ahhhh.....

Hopefully I'll remember to post a pic soon.

Fall quarter is officially OVER!!! So exciting!! I love being on break! Grades come out Tuesday, so we'll see how it goes!

I'll be taking A&P II next quarter along with Microbiology... What am I thinking? It'll be nuts, but that's what has to be done! I just put in my application for June graduation, but may have to wait until after Summer to graduate. I'll find out soon.

TONIGHT, SweetKiss Momma is playing the Jimi Hendrix Foundation concert in Seattle. VERY COOL. And yours truly has a backstage VIP pass. (I better, right?!) Local "celebrities" will be there, including Jimi's brother. Don't forget the camera, right? It's a BIG show, and they've got lots more to come!

Done for now. More to come. Until then-