ER update

Dylan had 3 stitches. :( Poor guy. But he was a brave one. I'm sure the milkshake Grandma got him on the way helped...

A funny story I was told today about the waiting room: Dylan wanted to get something out of the vending machines in the waiting room, so of course G-ma said okay- but no candy bars! Dylan agrees, puts in the money, pushes a button, and down comes.... Mike & Ikes!! G-ma of course looks disappointed, and Dylan responds with, "You said I couldn't get a candy BAR. This is just candy." ....Oh, boy. He's a character.


A little sumpin' sumpin'

I am: a mother, a wife, a student, a thinker, a funny crass old woman at heart.
I think: I'm more lucky than I realize.
I know: things suck sometimes, and I'm okay with that.
I want: to be happy just ~being me~
I dislike: hearing peoples' mouth noises... eating, chewing, etc...
I miss: all my friends I've made over the years and states.
I fear: that my children will grow up and realize I wasn't the queen they thought I was.
I hear: my tv blaring in my ears like a dang bullhorn.
I smell: like soap.  Late day showers always do wonders for the mom-smell factor.
I crave: to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot help themselves.
I cry: by myself while listening to sad music.
I search: extensively for all the answers.
I wonder: if I'll ever really grow up.
I regret: not taking English sooner.  Maybe when I was a Freshman would've been good.
I love: my family.  Always.
I care: waaaay too much about my grades.  You know that when you get tears in your eyes because of an 88 on a Chemistry test.  It was the end of my world that day.  ;-)
I always: go in cycles with exercising.  I go two months on, two off.  Haha
I worry: too much about how my kids will behave when they're older.
I am not: a victim.  
I remember: when I thought I'd only have two kids.
I believe: that love is a very powerful medium.
I dance: a lot!  I love to shake it!
I sing: when I'm by myself.  Or with the kids cause they only hear an angel singing.  hehe
I don't always: floss.  I've been doing it more and more lately, though.
I argue: too much.  Unfortunately.
I write: only when I want to... hence the English 101 procrastination.  Don't get me wrong, apparently I do quite well in the subject, I just don't like it.  I'm more of a math and science girl.
I win: when I don't expect it.
I lose: my temper quite easily lately.
I wish: I already had an acceptance letter in my hand.
I listen: to the best music in the world.
I don't understand: how some people could treat their loved ones so horribly.
I can usually be found: at school, in the kitchen, or on my computer.  Bad, bad mommy.
I am scared: for my only girl to grow up trying to have a normal dating life with all those big brothers around...
I need: to do my a&p homework.  Lots to do!!
I forget: how much adrenaline pumps through my body when I'm up in front of a crowd.
I am happy: when the house is clean.  Really and truly.  I'm very irritated when there's a mess, which is quite often...  Also, when I get a 100% on a test or a 4.0 in a class.

Ok, that's it!  Tag complete.  First one I've done.  Almost like a myspace bulletin.......??

until next time, folks....


Back in the saddle [+again]!

School's in!!  And I love it!  I love actually using my brain again!  Not that being a full time stay-at-home-all-day-every-day-mom doesn't take brain power, just not that much.  Muscle memory mostly.  hehe.   

I'm taking Anatomy & Physiology, Intro to Public Speaking, and a lame-o computer class just to get in that 12th credit.  I originally had English 101 (yeah, I know...  I'm a Sophomore and I'm finally taking English.  So I procrastinated, sue me.) but I was the ONLY one in my class of 25 that hadn't just graduated high school!!!  That's what I get for taking day classes at a local college.  I'd assume most of them are only there because mom & dad would have kicked them out of the house if they hadn't gone to some sort of school...  So I dropped it.  ;-)  Hey, I'll do it online.  I don't want to deal with that crap.

Hmm, let's see what else....  (thinking...)  My sister-in-law and her boys and 3 cats are living with us for a short while.  It's a little crazy having our 7 and her 4 in the house, but we make it work!  It's actually really fun!  It's like a giant sleep over for myself and my boys!  They of course get to hang out with their cousins all the time now!  They are soaking it up.  It's fun watching them make memories.  

Dylan is in the ER as I type right now...  He sliced open his finger when he was playing around our trailer.  It is an old utility trailer and a little rusty, so I hope nothing bad comes from that!  Can anyone say "tetanus shot?!?"  It was pretty bloody (like, gushing dripping blood) but also pretty cool at the same time.  Dang, I should have taken pictures!!  Yeah yeah, I know it hurts-- just stay still long enough for mommy to get a good shot!  Ok, that would be mean.  He was uncontrollably sobbing not so much for the pain, and I'm sure there was a lot, but mostly because he didn't want to get stitches!!!!  Poor, sweet boy.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Here's a fun pic the kids (and cousin) and I took on the MacBook the other day...  We were having fun!   : )

Dylan, Jaden, me, Ryan

Well, I'm sure there was more to type, but I'm beat.  I have to get up at 5 am to get ready for school!  I thought people only do that in High School!!!  Haha.  Oh well, what are ya gonna do??  A girl's gotta look cute.  

[until next time....]




In response to my last post....

Thank you for all the well wishes and uplifting comments.  I really appreciate them. 

Buuuuttt.....  for those who haven't read my comments, this is exactly what I'm talking about.  After reading what I last wrote, some ignorant fool had to say this:

"Maybe if you didn't have a freakin' litter you wouldn't hear those comments. Welfare or not, in this day and age it's downright irresponsible. I hope the last one out tied a knot on her way out."
-raul trespasos 

REALLY??!!!  That's exactly what I'm talking about!!  It's ridiculous that someone can look at my beautiful children and call me irresponsible!!  I maintain my household and go to college full time AND keep a 3.96 gpa!!!  How ignorant.  I'm appalled  at how some people look at families with more than the 2.5 average and look at them as anything more than wonderful.  I grew up in a family of 6 and I absolutely loved it.  I couldn't imagine a family any other way.

So screw you, dude.  I love my big family and wouldn't have it any other way.  I am who I am and don't forget it.  Oh, and I also have big muscles, so bring it!!!!  Grrrr!!!!!


{Are they all yours?}

So just today I was reading Shan's blog and I came across one post that really struck a chord with me. She was saying that having four boys tends to induce many unwelcomed comments from friends and strangers alike. I can really relate because I have four boys and a girl. For a couple years I only had 4 boys. Not to mention that two are a set of twins... Here are some of the annoying, yet inevitable comments I get from strangers at the grocery store, baristas at the drivethru, etc... And to lighten the mood, I've added what I think in my head. :-)

How many are there? (More than you could handle, so don't worry about it.)

Are they all yours? (Yes, they are. I'm not toting this many kids around just for the fun of it.)

How old are you?!? (Not really any of your business, but I'm 26. Got problems with that? Yeah I know you can't imagine being 26 with 5 kids.)

Are you done yet? (Why the hell do you care? I'm not on welfare, I'm not asking you to babysit, and I am certainly not going to include you in the decision making process, so don't even worry about it.)

Didn't anyone ever tell you how this happens? (Crap! No! I couldn't figure out why all these kids just kept coming!!! Can YOU tell me? Jerk.)

Haven't you ever heard of birth control? (Why, yes I have. I was born this century, thanks. And for the record, it doesn't really matter does it? What if I wanted this many? Jerk.)

So are you getting fixed? (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!!!!! Can people actually ask that without dying of shame? That is one of the worst ones, by far.... It should be illegal.)

You must have your hands full. (Yeah, no crap. I don't need you to state the frickin' obvious. Jerk.)

You must be busy. (No, I tend to sit around all day and not really do anything. YES, I'm friggin' busy! So quit wasting my time and go away!!)

Are you Catholic or Mormon? (Why do you care? Nice stereotype.)

I hope you've gotten your tubes tied. (This goes right up there with the getting fixed one.... 'Nuff said. Jerk.)

Wow, I'm glad it's you and not me! (Yeah, me too! I wouldn't want your jerk-self raising my kids! Jerk.)

Yeah, and there are more.... And yes, I know I get cynical and crass, but it's one of those things that's uninvited and completely unneccessary. I don't want your comments unless they are positive. Now, I have to admit that I get a fair share of those as well, but the negative ones seem to cancel those out.... Bottom line is I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world!!!

Moral of story: If you see someone with a lot of kids, don't be a jerk. Say they're lovely and you admire momma for her strength, even if you don't mean it. That will put a smile on her face and make her day. :-)



Just in case you missed it....

No matter what party you're with or who you're voting for, this is hilarious either way! I think the only way you could have NOT seen it is if you're living under a bug-infested, slimy, moss-covered rock. So click HERE to see the hilarity that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!

Oh how I love these two! Just a quick funny for your Tuesday! ;-)



"I forgot to wash..."

So my kids tend to get in the bath and just start having so much fun "snorkeling" and "swimming" that they forget to touch even a corner of soap. Hilarious!

"Jaden, did you wash your hair?"
"Did you wash your feet?"
"Yeah, smell them!"
"No you didn't!!! Gross! Take another bath in the morning and use soap this time!"

Hahaha. Love it. My kids never cease to keep me amused. They're the best!

Twinnies (Kellen, left; Javin, right):

Ella's goofy face:

Classic Jaden:

Dylan's first day of 2nd grade:

So that's the update tonight. I'm supposed to be watching "Zodiac" but it's creepy so I'm pretending like I'm doing something *very important* on the computer so I don't have to look.... ;-)




National Swap Ideas Day.... ??

Huh? That's the most lame-o day I've ever heard of. Well, actually there are worse, I'm sure. But in honor of "National Swap Ideas Day" I encourage you all to swap random ideas I guess. I can't really think of a good reason to make this an actual day, but have at it! ;-)

Here's an idea for you: Use borax with your laundry detergent. You don't have to use as much soap because the borax enhances the soap action. And borax is cheap, $3 or so a box. Happy laundering!

Also, next week is National Balance Awareness Week. Hahahaha. Check for that one. ;) Until next time... Peace.



Ahhh, finally! ;-)

I'm back! It's been awhile, I know, but here I go again!

There has been so much going on lately. Much of it family stuff.... Yucky stuff. But there have been good things, too! I don't know how else to keep you up on it all except put it in list form! ;-) So here goes:

SweetKiss Momma, Jeremy's band, has still been rocking socks off. Go ahead and visit their myspace page and check out a few of their songs and pics! (I am special enough to be in a few)
A few pics....

I finished Summer quarter at Pierce College, somehow still maintaining a 3.96 GPA. That 4.0 in Chemistry realllly helped! :-) I'm starting back up Fall quarter beginning September 24th and I'm so excited! I finally get to dive into the gritty stuff... A&P!! Yay! The nuts and bolts of Nursing Prereqs. Let's just hope I have as much luck there as I have with all my other classes! I'll keep you posted how it's going.... Jeremy will also go full time to the same school. He'll do evening classes after I get home from a full day of classes! Exciting times.

Dylan and Jaden started school last week!! Dylan is in 2nd grade already and Jaden is a big Kindergartener!! They love their teachers and friends, and I love the extra room in the house during the day! hehe Momma's very proud of her big boys. ♥

I'm still hooked on my ipod. Music is just the best thing ever. It can take you to new places
and make you feel what words cannot do. I should post some sort of "What I'm playing on my
ipod lately" type deal, but I have thousands of songs... Kinda hard to just pick a few.

I'm also still addicted to my blackberry. A slight change, however... My old bberry was stolen awhile
back, so I upgraded to the newer, smaller, BETTER Blackberry Curve.

I love it even more than my old one! I never thought it could be possible! ;-) If you're still in the dark,
get one!!! They really don't call it a "
Crackberry" for no reason!

Hmm, I'm sure there's more. I just can't think of it or don't want to share it! Haha.
Hopefully I'll be back on here a lot more in the near future so as not to upset you all!
My apologies.

Until then, ladies and gentlemen...