{Are they all yours?}

So just today I was reading Shan's blog and I came across one post that really struck a chord with me. She was saying that having four boys tends to induce many unwelcomed comments from friends and strangers alike. I can really relate because I have four boys and a girl. For a couple years I only had 4 boys. Not to mention that two are a set of twins... Here are some of the annoying, yet inevitable comments I get from strangers at the grocery store, baristas at the drivethru, etc... And to lighten the mood, I've added what I think in my head. :-)

How many are there? (More than you could handle, so don't worry about it.)

Are they all yours? (Yes, they are. I'm not toting this many kids around just for the fun of it.)

How old are you?!? (Not really any of your business, but I'm 26. Got problems with that? Yeah I know you can't imagine being 26 with 5 kids.)

Are you done yet? (Why the hell do you care? I'm not on welfare, I'm not asking you to babysit, and I am certainly not going to include you in the decision making process, so don't even worry about it.)

Didn't anyone ever tell you how this happens? (Crap! No! I couldn't figure out why all these kids just kept coming!!! Can YOU tell me? Jerk.)

Haven't you ever heard of birth control? (Why, yes I have. I was born this century, thanks. And for the record, it doesn't really matter does it? What if I wanted this many? Jerk.)

So are you getting fixed? (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!!!!! Can people actually ask that without dying of shame? That is one of the worst ones, by far.... It should be illegal.)

You must have your hands full. (Yeah, no crap. I don't need you to state the frickin' obvious. Jerk.)

You must be busy. (No, I tend to sit around all day and not really do anything. YES, I'm friggin' busy! So quit wasting my time and go away!!)

Are you Catholic or Mormon? (Why do you care? Nice stereotype.)

I hope you've gotten your tubes tied. (This goes right up there with the getting fixed one.... 'Nuff said. Jerk.)

Wow, I'm glad it's you and not me! (Yeah, me too! I wouldn't want your jerk-self raising my kids! Jerk.)

Yeah, and there are more.... And yes, I know I get cynical and crass, but it's one of those things that's uninvited and completely unneccessary. I don't want your comments unless they are positive. Now, I have to admit that I get a fair share of those as well, but the negative ones seem to cancel those out.... Bottom line is I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world!!!

Moral of story: If you see someone with a lot of kids, don't be a jerk. Say they're lovely and you admire momma for her strength, even if you don't mean it. That will put a smile on her face and make her day. :-)



vanterpool15 said...

You're awesome!!!! Only the most amazing Mommys can do what you do!!! I can't believe people would say shit like that to you. Jerks!!! LOL.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

A M E N ! ! ! !

i have heard so many of these before with our brood. way to go! make some bumper stickers!

Raul Trespasos said...

Maybe if you didn't have a freakin' litter you wouldn't hear those comments. Welfare or not, in this day and age it's downright irresponsible. I hope the last one out tied a knot on her way out.

Raul Trespasos said...

Oh, and... Damm! You're hot....

Natalie said...

Hi Bri!!! I ALSO relate to this post... I think your #4 is my fav! Well I am doing good with my group of 4 kids! Life is filled with busy days that I like you, wouldn't trade for the world! Hope you guys are doing wonderful!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

dang it!!! i forgot to say that....you are hot.

April said...

Hey there sweetie...I get allot of these comments as well. The one about being Mormon kills me....(cause I am mormon), but that is not what Jer and I had 4 kids. Everytime someone asks me that, I want to punch them in the face. I mean, how rude can some people get???? I love my big family, even on those hectic days where you think you are going to lose your mind....when they come up to you and tell you "I love you mommy", that makes it all worth while. I think you are a very strong woman for all that you do...Don't let these jerks get you down. Keep up the good work. Loves ya honey!

Stopher and Nicolle said...

HAHA!! This is hilarious. There are some women out there who can't have just one! Count your blessings. I wish I had five kids right about now, and I want 10...that won't happen by the way. But at least five. I envy you. Also, I'm so happy that you explained you're not on welfare. I won't comment why here, but suffice it to say that if you know you'll have to go on welfare before you get pregnant, then why get pregnant???....LOL!!

Nicole said...

Seriously, I think some people to need to follow the old "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all." I am sorry you get comments like that! I honestly don't think my level of patience could handle more than two kids...so I definitely admire you for what you accomplish day to day!! :) Don't let the rude people get you down...you are a wonderful mother! :)

Stepper the Mighty said...

wai-wai-wait. People SERIOUSLY say those things to you? for having 5 kids??? 5 kids, and they're telling you to tie your tubes. Unbelievable.

For what it's worth - I'm insanely jealous that you already have 5 kids and you're only 26. I want a big family, I have one kid and I'm almost 30. I would have loved to have had so many so young - and a promise of so much more energy.

I think about I will be nearly 50 when my son graduates high school, and I seriously want to cry.

I know 50 is the new 40, but still. I am so afraid of not being able to keep up with them!

so GOOD FOR YOU! Applause and daisies flung your way. And in this day and age, I think that if you're a good headed solid foundationed mother, it's irresponsible for you to NOT have as many kids as you want.