to my [parents]

I have some pretty cool 'rents.  This blog post is an homage to them.  :-)

My mom is the reason I'm in college.  She is responsible for my insatiable desire to learn, succeed, and excel in all things academic.  She was going to PLU while I was in high school getting her Bachelors degree, then went on to get her Masters degree and graduated Cum Laude (I'm pretty sure...  don't be mad if I got it wrong mom!).  Awesome.  Hopefully I can follow her lead and go that far!  Thanks mom!!

My dad is the reason I live for music.  He is responsible for my desire to be nourished by chords, melodies, and lyrics.  He has done much in the way of music, but I mostly remember his listening to classical music and opera.  Oh, don't forget the oldies station.  ;-)  We used to listen to Heart's "Bad Animals" album in his car blasting while he would beat on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and sometimes our heads to replace the drums.  Fun times.  Thanks dad!!

So a big thank you to my parents for molding me into who I am today.  I love you!  <3


More stupid tooth pain and other miscellany

So the tooth pain is back...  Grrrr.  NOT fun.  That's enough of that.

I really should be studying my A&P homework, but I will later.  That's what I always say.  :-D  School has been crazy lately.  Tons and tons of homework and studying and procrastinating.  I find out soon if I got a scholarship or two, so of course I'm getting super impatient!  Keep checking back, I'll let you know when I hear!!  

I gave a speech the other day to persuade the class to be nicer to pregnant women.  I opened with telling a story about when I was 9 mos. pregnant with the twins and in the BX for a day-after-Thanksgiving sale.  I was looking at something and all of a sudden a lady slams her cart INTO MY STOMACH!!!!  Amazing.  I was really really upset and ended up just going home.  It's amazing to me how people are so oblivious to the world around them....

We went to Lattin's Country Cider Mill & farm the other day to get pumpkins.  We also got apples, apple donuts, fresh pressed apple cider (the BEST!!), the best apple fritters in the world, and some people got carmel covered marshmallows (gross...).  It was great!  I love going there.  We've gone there since we were little and now I get to pass that down to my kids!

That's all for now, I guess.  Until next time, folks...



ooooh buddy!!

I'm applying for some scholarships and needed a recommendation letter.    

...Let me just say that I got the greatest one ever!!  I felt impressed with myself just after reading this letter I got!!  

My previous Bio teacher wrote it and made me look like the greatest student since...  well, I don't know.  Someone at Harvard or something.  haha.  

Anyhow, money in the bank, right?!  We find out by November 10th either way with the scholarship, so I'll keep ya posted!!  

Holla!!   (and a BIG thank you to my instructor N. Mouat-Rich!!  You are the BEST!)

That is all, folks.  Until next time...



-Obsession- -Disneyland- -Speech-

So I'm sure you've all heard the new Natasha Bedingfield song, "Angel."  I'm completely obsessed with it!  I'm sure in two weeks I'll look back on this post and be soooo over it, but I wanted to get that out there!  Usually when I really like a song I repeat it for days and days until I know every word, beat, note, and (sometimes) harmony.  Then I retire it.  

On a totally different note, Dylan & Jaden are going with Grandma (MY mom) and some of their cousins to Disneyland!!  Their first time ever!  They are sooo excited!!!  And of course their tech-savvy selves are on the internet everyday looking at the website and planning all the rides they can't wait to go on!  It's so cute.  I'm really excited for them.  Hopefully the twins and Ella can go soon.  Don't want them to be one of the adults in the world who hasn't gone to the happiest place on earth!  ;-)

On another note on a completely different page, I gave a speech the other day in my Intro to Public Speaking class on....  ready?....  "People I want to punch in the face."   Ahhh hahahaha!!!   And I'm serious, folks!  It was so great!  I got a really high grade (he has never given a perfect grade, go figure) and got no negative comments!!  A first in the class!  So I walked away feeling pretty much like a rockstar....  or speechstar?...  

Until next time folks....    Peace.