More stupid tooth pain and other miscellany

So the tooth pain is back...  Grrrr.  NOT fun.  That's enough of that.

I really should be studying my A&P homework, but I will later.  That's what I always say.  :-D  School has been crazy lately.  Tons and tons of homework and studying and procrastinating.  I find out soon if I got a scholarship or two, so of course I'm getting super impatient!  Keep checking back, I'll let you know when I hear!!  

I gave a speech the other day to persuade the class to be nicer to pregnant women.  I opened with telling a story about when I was 9 mos. pregnant with the twins and in the BX for a day-after-Thanksgiving sale.  I was looking at something and all of a sudden a lady slams her cart INTO MY STOMACH!!!!  Amazing.  I was really really upset and ended up just going home.  It's amazing to me how people are so oblivious to the world around them....

We went to Lattin's Country Cider Mill & farm the other day to get pumpkins.  We also got apples, apple donuts, fresh pressed apple cider (the BEST!!), the best apple fritters in the world, and some people got carmel covered marshmallows (gross...).  It was great!  I love going there.  We've gone there since we were little and now I get to pass that down to my kids!

That's all for now, I guess.  Until next time, folks...



Jeramy Sossaman said...

i hope your tooth get's better

Coronado's said...

Lattin's Country Cider Mill... what's that? (It sounds like a cool place.)

That's dumb how that lady ran the cart right into you, and your stomach no less. People are just crazy like that. We just got back from vacation a week ago, and people up in Washington were sooo nice and friendly. We get back to AZ and they just look at you (and the kids) like we're a freak show or something. Boo to lame people! :p