to my [parents]

I have some pretty cool 'rents.  This blog post is an homage to them.  :-)

My mom is the reason I'm in college.  She is responsible for my insatiable desire to learn, succeed, and excel in all things academic.  She was going to PLU while I was in high school getting her Bachelors degree, then went on to get her Masters degree and graduated Cum Laude (I'm pretty sure...  don't be mad if I got it wrong mom!).  Awesome.  Hopefully I can follow her lead and go that far!  Thanks mom!!

My dad is the reason I live for music.  He is responsible for my desire to be nourished by chords, melodies, and lyrics.  He has done much in the way of music, but I mostly remember his listening to classical music and opera.  Oh, don't forget the oldies station.  ;-)  We used to listen to Heart's "Bad Animals" album in his car blasting while he would beat on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and sometimes our heads to replace the drums.  Fun times.  Thanks dad!!

So a big thank you to my parents for molding me into who I am today.  I love you!  <3



Jeramy Sossaman said...

i hear mike gibbons playing in the background...."i keep on waiting...waiting for the just the right time..."

Anonymous said...

'...so here i go lettin it go... not sure i'm ready but i'll try...'


Anonymous said...

When we feel we waste and wear out our lives in raising a family, pursuing interests, carers, church, games of all sorts on Saturday mornings and practices during the week, there is a brilliant light shining at the end of the whole process that turns out to be your kids -- perfectly sound, fine, and quite mature.
By the way, Bri ... your head had a bit better reverb than the others!!! Must have been more space to work with, eh?