Wednesday.... again?!

Wow, a week has gone by pretty quickly! I guess I'll have to do Web Wednesday later today. I've been pretty busy keeping up with the kardashians (uh, I mean kids) trying to keep my floors somewhat clean.

Here's the scenario:
Mom walks into kitchen and notices baby somehow has open yogurt container. Baby is tipping said container up like a cup trying to eat/drink yogurt. Mom lets out a "Nooooo!!!", baby scares and spills yogurt all over floor. DANGER!!! Baby is eying yogurt.... (must look like fantastic finger paint!) Mom quickly looks around while guarding yogurt spill so no clean hands can disburse the mess further... No towels.... No paper towels.... No napkins!!! Wait, there's a pair of shorts on the floor! Grab that! Wipe up spill and further drama is quelled. :)

Don't you love when something spills on the floor and you just happen to have a pair of shorts left there by a lazy kid that you can use to wipe it up with??! It makes me feel like it was there dirtying up my floor for a reason... ;) At least that's what I tell myself.

Happy Wednesday, Humpday!! =-) I have Sociology tonight... That should be fantastical fun!! Until next time...



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PINK!!!! ;)

that's right, folks!!! I did it!! Pink hair! :)
And I love it.
thoughts?? ;) (fyi: only the front is pink... i'm not THAT brave...)


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Web Wednesday.... on Thursday!

A little late, but who cares? ;) It's Web Wednesday!! I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Just wanted to keep you waiting... =D One of my new favorite sites is PostSecret. It's pretty addicting.... I feel like I'm stalking people, but hey, they put it out there!!

Hmm, let's see... I also love going over to Across-the-Board to see what Ramsey has been up to posting. He's so friggin' funny. His personality reminds me of me... Crap, another one in this world... :-0

Also, check out Advertising vs. Reality. This dude took pictures of actual products and showed them side by side with the packages. It's pretty interesting!
Here's an example:

Okay, my 'puter is about to die on me, so I'll sign off before it shuts me down! Have a great day!!

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Okay... back in business

;-) Took long enough, right?? I know. So I have my new layout and I'm not sure about it, but it's way better than the last one!

Here's my update:

Exhausted. (did I miss any?...)

See a pattern here? I guess that's what happens when you have a zillion kids and not enough hours in the day to do everything... ;)

Oh sweet sleep, my long lost friend! You mock me!

Have a good one, guys.