Wednesday.... again?!

Wow, a week has gone by pretty quickly! I guess I'll have to do Web Wednesday later today. I've been pretty busy keeping up with the kardashians (uh, I mean kids) trying to keep my floors somewhat clean.

Here's the scenario:
Mom walks into kitchen and notices baby somehow has open yogurt container. Baby is tipping said container up like a cup trying to eat/drink yogurt. Mom lets out a "Nooooo!!!", baby scares and spills yogurt all over floor. DANGER!!! Baby is eying yogurt.... (must look like fantastic finger paint!) Mom quickly looks around while guarding yogurt spill so no clean hands can disburse the mess further... No towels.... No paper towels.... No napkins!!! Wait, there's a pair of shorts on the floor! Grab that! Wipe up spill and further drama is quelled. :)

Don't you love when something spills on the floor and you just happen to have a pair of shorts left there by a lazy kid that you can use to wipe it up with??! It makes me feel like it was there dirtying up my floor for a reason... ;) At least that's what I tell myself.

Happy Wednesday, Humpday!! =-) I have Sociology tonight... That should be fantastical fun!! Until next time...



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Jeramy Sossaman said...

did you have a camera in our house this morning?

Nicole said...

Well, I am sorry but I did laugh a little. We have craziness sometimes as well htough. Ellie just recently threw up on my kitchen floor(better than the carpet in my opinion) but then crawled all through it before I could clean it up. Nice!! (I did have towels and peper towels handy though. LOL) :)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

i'm just about ready to stop checking this blog.