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Okay, okay, okay!!! Sorry folks! Geez! I've almost been broken up with over not posting in so long! ;) (love ya Sharon!!) So I've been more busy than ever lately, so here's a little recap:

Jeremy's band, SweetKiss Momma, is rockin!! They have played a few shows and all of the wives have to wear the shirts:

The band (missing one member- don't know what happened there)
Jeremy rockin' out:
And on the hair front, I now have purple hair! ;)

I also went to see my brother in UT to go to the Tim McGraw concert.... amazing!!! ;-)

And more to come!! This is just a quickie to calm you all down!! Settle down! ;) Have a wonderful Thursday!!!



student loan said...
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Jeramy Sossaman said...

hey bri...watch out for that spam comment....(student loan)

well....i'm happy to see you back. i guess we can go out again, now that you're blogging. thanks for the updates...although i knew about j-boys band already. :-) they're great. i have all their album.

i dig the 'sweetkiss momma' ladies...i'd go see them! :-)

seriously...glad you're back...i hope all is well....take care.

sharon said...


I was so close to removing you off my favorite blogs list. You know about five people use and see that list. So, it's very important that I keep it current and up to date with fun blogs.

Hee hee!

I'm loving your hair! Sounds like you are getting to enjoy some fun stuff!

I love and miss you!

Nicole said...

Love the hair again :) Gladthings seem to be going well for you guys! Wouls still love to try to get together with you and the kiddies :)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

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