Ahhh, finally! ;-)

I'm back! It's been awhile, I know, but here I go again!

There has been so much going on lately. Much of it family stuff.... Yucky stuff. But there have been good things, too! I don't know how else to keep you up on it all except put it in list form! ;-) So here goes:

SweetKiss Momma, Jeremy's band, has still been rocking socks off. Go ahead and visit their myspace page and check out a few of their songs and pics! (I am special enough to be in a few)
A few pics....

I finished Summer quarter at Pierce College, somehow still maintaining a 3.96 GPA. That 4.0 in Chemistry realllly helped! :-) I'm starting back up Fall quarter beginning September 24th and I'm so excited! I finally get to dive into the gritty stuff... A&P!! Yay! The nuts and bolts of Nursing Prereqs. Let's just hope I have as much luck there as I have with all my other classes! I'll keep you posted how it's going.... Jeremy will also go full time to the same school. He'll do evening classes after I get home from a full day of classes! Exciting times.

Dylan and Jaden started school last week!! Dylan is in 2nd grade already and Jaden is a big Kindergartener!! They love their teachers and friends, and I love the extra room in the house during the day! hehe Momma's very proud of her big boys. ♥

I'm still hooked on my ipod. Music is just the best thing ever. It can take you to new places
and make you feel what words cannot do. I should post some sort of "What I'm playing on my
ipod lately" type deal, but I have thousands of songs... Kinda hard to just pick a few.

I'm also still addicted to my blackberry. A slight change, however... My old bberry was stolen awhile
back, so I upgraded to the newer, smaller, BETTER Blackberry Curve.

I love it even more than my old one! I never thought it could be possible! ;-) If you're still in the dark,
get one!!! They really don't call it a "
Crackberry" for no reason!

Hmm, I'm sure there's more. I just can't think of it or don't want to share it! Haha.
Hopefully I'll be back on here a lot more in the near future so as not to upset you all!
My apologies.

Until then, ladies and gentlemen...



sharon said...

You guys sound crazy busy!
Love you!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

congrats on school and all the haps! thanks for the update....take care.

Nicole said...

Sounds like you are busy as always :) That is great school is going so well for you. My friend Jenn is in the nursing program through pierce right now and is doing well too. She graduates in May I believe.