Blackberry fever

Seriously. I am addicted.

Now I know why they call it a "Crackberry."
I now own a Blackberry 8700g and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I have made a habit of crackberry.com and I have started to need to check my email every 10 minutes from my phone. It's like an insta-addiction.

It's so cool! You can email, browse, check your MYSPACE, check weather/stocks/maps instantly, and so much more!! There are tons of cool apps to download, too. I may sound like a blogging ad for Blackberry, but I assure you I'm not getting paid a dime to write this. Just mucho mucho excited!! ;)

On to other geek gadget news, I finally got an ipod!! Yay!! It's the 80GB silver classic video ipod.

Love it. I feel complete now because I have had a MacBook for so long and no ipod to go with it. :) I won't be getting an iphone, though. Not too sure about the touch screen idea. Maybe in 2020 when that's all there is, but not now. haha

Well, it's a full day of birthdays, watching nephews, regular kid stuff, etc... So happy Saturday to you!!



Nicolewytko said...

Scott has his blackberry permanetly attached to himslef and it makes me CRAZY. LOL He also wants the Iphone....I think I may have to hit him :)

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DoMTar said...