{quote of the day, by: me}

"Why waste your time trying to figure out who you are when YOU are the one who creates who you are. There should be no findings."

Lemme 'splain: If you are spending your time, thoughts, and energy "figuring out who you are," you'll be just that: A person figuring out their place in life.

If you choose happiness, chances are you'll be a happy person.

Just BE. Be you, whatever that is. You don't need a label for yourself. You are already "You." That should be your label.

Sorry if I stepped on some toes here, but keep in mind it's my opinion. ;)

Late evening ramblings from a tired momma. Here's a funny picture to leave you with:

Have a good one! ;-)


{parents/divorce, research papers, finals nearing}


My parents. 33 years of marriage. Getting divorced.

How does one deal with that? I'm not sure.

The good and bad news about dealing with it is that I have two research papers due this week (of course I haven't started them...) and I have finals nearing. Lots to do when that is thrown in with my regular routine of raising 5 children. Yikes. I just realized how insane I look to the outsider. :-)

The Blackberry is still my best buddy. My ipod is still regularly in use. Just to update there. ;) I feel like such a techie.

On another note, you'll all have to forgive my blog style. I am still learning how to blog and how to word things that might make sense to some of you. Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/questions/gripes. I can handle it. ;)

Until next time, have a wonderful week! Wish me luck on the papers!



Blackberry fever

Seriously. I am addicted.

Now I know why they call it a "Crackberry."
I now own a Blackberry 8700g and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I have made a habit of crackberry.com and I have started to need to check my email every 10 minutes from my phone. It's like an insta-addiction.

It's so cool! You can email, browse, check your MYSPACE, check weather/stocks/maps instantly, and so much more!! There are tons of cool apps to download, too. I may sound like a blogging ad for Blackberry, but I assure you I'm not getting paid a dime to write this. Just mucho mucho excited!! ;)

On to other geek gadget news, I finally got an ipod!! Yay!! It's the 80GB silver classic video ipod.

Love it. I feel complete now because I have had a MacBook for so long and no ipod to go with it. :) I won't be getting an iphone, though. Not too sure about the touch screen idea. Maybe in 2020 when that's all there is, but not now. haha

Well, it's a full day of birthdays, watching nephews, regular kid stuff, etc... So happy Saturday to you!!



When mommys blog....

...this is what happens

Poor Ella. She fell asleep while Mommy was in blogland. And here I thought she was just quite content being so quiet. Precious, that little girl.


{sitting in a coffee shop}

Done doing dreaded Statistics homework.
Done with my non-fat 20 oz. no whip mocha.
Not ready to go home.


Sometimes I wonder why on earth I had so many kids. I think someone forgot to mention to me how awful you can feel sometimes. How you can feel like your whole life got sucked out in one ripping motion, never to return again. But that's not the worst part. It's like everyone else's kidless lives are magnified right in front of your face. Like somehow their lives are constantly the top window on your computer screen of life. Just to keep you jealous.

And then your kids tell you they love you. And you melt.

Deep thoughts? No, just the thoughts of every mom out there. ;)