-Obsession- -Disneyland- -Speech-

So I'm sure you've all heard the new Natasha Bedingfield song, "Angel."  I'm completely obsessed with it!  I'm sure in two weeks I'll look back on this post and be soooo over it, but I wanted to get that out there!  Usually when I really like a song I repeat it for days and days until I know every word, beat, note, and (sometimes) harmony.  Then I retire it.  

On a totally different note, Dylan & Jaden are going with Grandma (MY mom) and some of their cousins to Disneyland!!  Their first time ever!  They are sooo excited!!!  And of course their tech-savvy selves are on the internet everyday looking at the website and planning all the rides they can't wait to go on!  It's so cute.  I'm really excited for them.  Hopefully the twins and Ella can go soon.  Don't want them to be one of the adults in the world who hasn't gone to the happiest place on earth!  ;-)

On another note on a completely different page, I gave a speech the other day in my Intro to Public Speaking class on....  ready?....  "People I want to punch in the face."   Ahhh hahahaha!!!   And I'm serious, folks!  It was so great!  I got a really high grade (he has never given a perfect grade, go figure) and got no negative comments!!  A first in the class!  So I walked away feeling pretty much like a rockstar....  or speechstar?...  

Until next time folks....    Peace.



Josh and Danielle said...

you made me laugh OUT LOUD in the middle of the office! too funny! josh and i have had conversations about who we'd punch in the face if we could... um... beyonce!!!

Nicole said...

You are hilarious! I am glad it went well tho! Your boys will love DL!!! Emma always wants to go. LOL

Jeramy Sossaman said...

never heard the song. i'll check it out though. oh...the best part about DL is downtown disney.

Coronado's said...

ROFL that's hilarious! Obviously your teacher wasn't one of them I take it.

Don't feel too bad, I've never been to Disneyland either. Scratch that, my mom said I have, but being in utero totally doesn't count in my opinion.