A little sumpin' sumpin'

I am: a mother, a wife, a student, a thinker, a funny crass old woman at heart.
I think: I'm more lucky than I realize.
I know: things suck sometimes, and I'm okay with that.
I want: to be happy just ~being me~
I dislike: hearing peoples' mouth noises... eating, chewing, etc...
I miss: all my friends I've made over the years and states.
I fear: that my children will grow up and realize I wasn't the queen they thought I was.
I hear: my tv blaring in my ears like a dang bullhorn.
I smell: like soap.  Late day showers always do wonders for the mom-smell factor.
I crave: to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot help themselves.
I cry: by myself while listening to sad music.
I search: extensively for all the answers.
I wonder: if I'll ever really grow up.
I regret: not taking English sooner.  Maybe when I was a Freshman would've been good.
I love: my family.  Always.
I care: waaaay too much about my grades.  You know that when you get tears in your eyes because of an 88 on a Chemistry test.  It was the end of my world that day.  ;-)
I always: go in cycles with exercising.  I go two months on, two off.  Haha
I worry: too much about how my kids will behave when they're older.
I am not: a victim.  
I remember: when I thought I'd only have two kids.
I believe: that love is a very powerful medium.
I dance: a lot!  I love to shake it!
I sing: when I'm by myself.  Or with the kids cause they only hear an angel singing.  hehe
I don't always: floss.  I've been doing it more and more lately, though.
I argue: too much.  Unfortunately.
I write: only when I want to... hence the English 101 procrastination.  Don't get me wrong, apparently I do quite well in the subject, I just don't like it.  I'm more of a math and science girl.
I win: when I don't expect it.
I lose: my temper quite easily lately.
I wish: I already had an acceptance letter in my hand.
I listen: to the best music in the world.
I don't understand: how some people could treat their loved ones so horribly.
I can usually be found: at school, in the kitchen, or on my computer.  Bad, bad mommy.
I am scared: for my only girl to grow up trying to have a normal dating life with all those big brothers around...
I need: to do my a&p homework.  Lots to do!!
I forget: how much adrenaline pumps through my body when I'm up in front of a crowd.
I am happy: when the house is clean.  Really and truly.  I'm very irritated when there's a mess, which is quite often...  Also, when I get a 100% on a test or a 4.0 in a class.

Ok, that's it!  Tag complete.  First one I've done.  Almost like a myspace bulletin.......??

until next time, folks....



Coronado's said...

i feel like i'm reading my own answers! (minus already had a shower, getting an acceptance letter into the nursing program, and worrying about a daughter's dating life- maybe someday!)

Coronado's said...

oh yah, did i mention that i was pissed i got a 94 in a class. the teacher was like, "no, that's really good!" but not when i could have done better! c'mon, i had 6% to improve. lol maybe that's why we are so good with lots of kids, and boys at that, because we need a good challenge every once and a while.