♽ Happy Earth Day ♽

For all you treehuggers out there, today is your day!! ;) Actually technically it's the Earth's day, but it doesn't know the difference, so I'll give it to you greenies. Let's all go plant a tree!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of all things green and environmentally friendly, but I think lately it's more of a fad and the cool thing to do. It's kinda sad, really. I guess if your need to "be doing the coolest thing" is what gets you to go more "green", then that can only help. My issue is that in a year when everyone moves on to something else, what good will it have done? Really? If you have a strong opinion otherwise, feel free to share. I'd love to hear it.

P.S.- I used to own a green cleaning business, so I know quite a bit about this subject. Soon I'll post a "My favorite green cleaners" post. ;) Look forward to it!

In other not-so-good-news, I had to put my cat down yesterday. :(

VERY sad.

Her name was Naya and she was such a good kitty. Only 8 mos. old, but had Feline Infectious Peritonitis. She was pretty much doomed from the start. Here's a quick pic:

That's me loving on her. ;) She looks a little scared. He he. The vet said to wait at least 6-8 weeks before getting another cat to make sure all of the FIP virus is out of the house. And don't worry folks, it's not catchable by humans.

Okay, I wish you all a wonderful earthy day!



Sharon said...

I'll be waiting for your "Fav green cleaning stuff" post!

Nicole said...

Poor kitty! We have decided we are no longer pet owners...there is always something isn't there!!

I am also interested in hearing about the green cleaning stuff!! :)