✯ My kiddos are driving me crazy ✯

On Saturday it was 82∘outside. Sooo nice.
(Don't mind the Urology sign...) ➠
We went to the Daffodil Parade and had a great time forgetting sunscreen. Oops, I got a little red. Anyway, the kids played and ran and played some more. And with all that energy release + the sun, they slept GREAT.

Then came the next day. It has been cold and rainy again. My kids are confused. Their bodies are in Spring mode, but their shoes are in mud mode. So of course they have to stay inside and they're acting like I'm keeping them from seeing Hannah freakin' Montana right outside or something. I'm just about to send them out and tell them to go mud wrestle and come in at dark. ;)

Any ideas for what to do on rainy/cold Spring days??...

That's all for now, folks. Love it or just come back later. :p



Sharon said...

I say let them get muddy and let Jeremy hose them down when he comes home.

Nicole said...

We get a bit stir crazy here too. You should head to the Children's Museum or maybe schedule a big play date to switch it is up a bit. We on the otherhand are booked constantly with classes at the gym for both girls now along with preschool so our days off are quite nice :)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

shoot em...ok, ok....I'm obviously joking. Uh....Monopoly???? LOTR???