$3.69 for gas??!!

Okay, I'm reeeealllly chafed with the whole gas thing. In Spanaway (about 10 blocks down the road from my house) there is a gas station selling REGULAR gas for $3.69!! Seriously? How do these grease-balls get away with this??

I am trying to decide which to donate to the black market: a kidney or an ovary. Which will get me more?? I'm thinking use the cash for a gift card for AMPM.... ;)

My new buddy... Gas Buddy! It tells you the cheapest prices right around you! L-O-V-E it.

Hmmm, what else is new lately?.... Lots of studying as of late. Tests, papers, tests, quizzes, extra credit, etc... But I still love college! I feel like a "human" instead of a "mom" if you know what I mean. Parts of my mind are being dusted off and sprayed with large amounts of WD-40 and it feels great! (Tin Man... I feel ya!) I'm a little stressed out with registration, but I'll get around to it sometime. Maybe. Hopefully.

Here's to the night!! Have a good one!



Jeramy Sossaman said...

Get off me....$3.69. HA! I just saw $4.05. Don't whine....piddly WA gas prices....no sympathy from me. :-)

Sharon said...

Jeramy stole my comment! The other day when I got gas I was thinking about all the fun stuff I could be buying as the dollar amount was getting higher and higher and higher!
Let's get back to horse and buggy!

Nicolewytko said...

I think it is nuts. We are just lucky Scott gets a gas card for work so we only pay for mine. I remember gas at like $.99 a gallon.