Kids and OnDemand

I have a six year old who knows how to navigate all aspects of our cable box with the remote. OnDemand is no strange land to him. He knows his way to the kids movies and the kids music videos. Seriously.

**edit- I also have 3 y/o twins and a 4 y/o who navigate the internet as well. Crazy. **

Am I weird that I think that is like some strange sign 'o the times or something?? I know we didn't have cable boxes when I was his age, but I also think if we did, I wouldn't have figured it out.

This is the current favorite to dance to lately:

Funny, right?

He also navigates his way around the web. (only allowed on safe sites, of course!) Techie geniuses the kids are these days.

I'd love to hear your stories of kids and tv/internet! ;)

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sharon said...

Yeah... Brady freaks me out with that stuff. When he was a toddler instead of keeping him away from the VCR, computer , etc., we taught him how to use everything... It's been great minus the computer he broke by jamming the CD rom drive with his CD. He was 18 months and wanted to listen to some songs! What's a kid to do?
And you know it's just freaky to hear a toddler say, "You gotta double click it!"
My kids love to laugh when I tell them for my 7th birthday we rented a VCR. Imagine what our grandkids are gonna have and master!

Nicolewytko said...

Well, I think my kids may end up a bit behind the times. Emma only gets to watch 1/2 hr to 1 hr of tv when she watches....she has seen a couple of movies too I guess though. Some days the tv doesn't get turned on at all. We got her a computer for Christmas so she can learn how to use one...but it isn't like the real thing with the internet or anything. LOL She could change before she is 6 though...since she is only 3 :)

Stopher and Nicolle said...

Send me your email and i'll invite you to my blog...

Linda N said...

It is astonishing to me how competent kids are with computers, MP3s, DVD players and all things tech-y.

Just wait till they start driving! My teen shows me additional features on my own car, like how to reprogram the music.

Whiz kids!


Jeramy Sossaman said...

want to see something scary....what Jane (our 2 year old) swiftly navigate through Sharon's iPhone. She'll even grab people and show them stuff....pictures, videos, etc...very funny.

Mags said...

Nice to meet you! And I too have a four year old that can do just about the same. Amazing little critters aren't they :)